The Swabian Affair: Book III of the Gaius Marius Chronicle (Paperback)

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The Swabian Affair presents the third books of a memoir written by a retired Roman soldier, Gaius Marius Insubrecus, who served Caesar during his wars in Gaul. As a youth, Insubrecus is caught between two worlds: the heroic myths of his people, the Gah'el, and the harsh realities of their conqueror, Rome. Insubrecus tries to escape assassins sent after him from Rome by hiding in the Roman army, right at the time that the new governor, Gaius Iulius Caesar, launches his legions into Gaul to stop a Germanic invasion led by a mystic warrior king called Ariovistus. Insubrecus is plunged into a world of violence, intrigue and betrayal, as he tries to serve his new patron, Caesar, and to stay alive, while pursued by a Roman cutthroat and Germanic warriors.

About the Author

Ray Gleason was born in New York City and has lived in the Midwest since 1980. His first book, A Grunt Speaks: A Devil's Dictionary of Vietnam Infantry Terms, uses the terminology of soldiers to reflect on his experience as rifleman and army ranger during three combat tours in Vietnam. Gleason became an advocate for the Vietnam-era generation in his novel, The Violent Season. Gleason is the author of the Gaius Marius Chronicle: The Gabinian Affair, The Helvetian Affair and The Swabian Affair. Gleason is a retired Army Ranger officer, who served three combat tours in Vietnam. Gleason holds a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies and MA in English Literature from Northwestern University, and a BA in English and History from Hunter College. He teaches Medieval Literature at Northwestern and writing at Purdue.
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ISBN: 9781683501794
ISBN-10: 1683501799
Publisher: Morgan James Fiction
Publication Date: April 25th, 2017
Pages: 294
Language: English

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